Sunday, March 14, 2021

The ultimate model airplane project!

Many of our members have outstanding scale models and interesting aircraft, but there are few models that can compare to the one that fellow long-time SMAC member Richard Kaczmerak is working on. He's building a 1/3 scale Boeing Stearman biplane that is a marvelous example of skill and craftsmanship. Dick started the project using a Balsa USA kit, and after two years of fabricating and modifying, he's nearly finished, and it's amazing.

The twelve-foot wingspan aircraft is covered with Ceconite aircraft fabric, and the forward fuselage is skinned with aluminum- just like the real deal. Dick modified the airplane to have four ailerons instead of two, making it a Super Stearman. It has Robart brakes, smoke writing capability, and sensor telemetry. Power is provided by a seven cylinder, four-stroke UMS 260cc gas radial engine.

Dick says that the model is ready for the paint booth, and we'll have more photos posted then.

Model with frame built.

Model covered and assembled.

Instrument Panel


Completed fuselage with UV coating on the fabric.

Center wing section in place.

Close-up of the 260cc gas radial engine.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Buzzard Bombshell!

 Jim finished covering his Bombshell winter project plane. Check out the photos he shared of the finished model. Thanks for sharing with the community, Jim!

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Friday, January 22, 2021

The Buzzard Bombshell

Member Jim Ruley has sent in some pictures of his winter build for 2021- a laser cut version of the classic Buzzard Bombshell. Jim's making some modification to the original free-flight plan to incorporate some servo controls, and it's going to be electric versus the original nitro power plan. He's ready to cover the bird, and like all his builds, it will probably be gorgeous when he's finished. Looking forward to the finished build, Jim!

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