Secure Your Batteries!


The picture shows what can happen if you don't.

Your editor wasn't sure where the CG would wind up on the Jungmann, so didn't build a battery box or install a restraint strap.  Instead, the batteries (one for the radio, another for the ignition) were tucked inside a compartment under the fuel tank through a cutout in a bulkhead.  This put them right underneath the open front cockpit.  A block of cushion foam held them in place.  That worked well enough for the first flights, but Tuesday evening was time to compare snap rolls in two different high rate settings.  That probably worked them loose - and the airplane's first outside loops threw the radio battery out through the open cockpit!  Fortunately it stayed connected and the only damage is a dent in the turtledeck behind the rear cockpit.

SMAC member Kurt M. saved the day with a piece of velcro strap, and the batteries are now effectively restrained in the cubbyhole.  But the outcome could have been much worse!  Especially if you're a kit or scratch builder, don't let this happen to you.

Other than that, Tuesday evening was great weather for flying!  Here's some of the action: