Compiled by Roger Dillion
Edited by Ken Petry
The Springfield Model Airplane Club was formed in January 1973, to meet the need for modelers to share their collective skills and talents and to provide an organizational vehicle with funds to maintain a flying site, offer training to newcomers, and to offer a common ground to those interested in modeling to further enjoy their hobby interests.

SMAC is a chartered Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) (charter number 1346) and enjoys the distinction of being Chapter #3 in the United States.  All members of SMAC are also required to be members of AMA. AMA membership provides liability insurance, a subscription to "Model Aviation" a monthly modeling magazine and access to AMA Sponsored competition events.

In May 1976, SMAC leased enough land to create a flying field directly behind our (at that time) meeting place and the Hobby Shop. There were many members, and we had a good time flying for hours on end. As the club grew in size, so did the needs for a larger field.

In 1988, Bob Laybourne, one of the founders of SMAC helped the club to procure a site next to the Hobby Shop, where we enjoyed many hours of flying through the year 2000.

In the spring of 2001, SMAC began construction of our current flying site which is located on Spence Road, just west of North Hampton, Ohio and north of State Route 41. The new site boasts a grass runway of some 900 feet in length with ample parking for flyers as well as guests and spectators.

SMAC also has the distinction of having another club within itself. In 1989, members petitioned the Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) for a chapter number. We are known as SAM 68 and since that time have hosted a number of SAM events with modelers coming from all parts of the state and country.

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