About Us

Monthly Meetings
 Our club meets the first Tuesday of each month to plan club activities which can include local and invitational competitions, family picnics or dinners and to conduct such business as is necessary. There is often discussion of current model materials, suggestion on building and flying conducted by members with the expertise in such areas, occasionally movies are shown, and lot of hangar flying both before and after the meetings.

 We have a well-maintained 900 foot-long grass runway, an open shelter with picnic tables, charging station, and ample room for event stands and parking. The airstrip is surrounded on all sides by farmland, making our club field a safe place to fly model aircraft ranging from micro-to-giant scale. Our members fly electric, nitro (glow), and gasoline powered aircraft- although there is some restriction on combustion engine hours of operation due to noise concerns.

Below, you will find a map of our club field safety zones. If you plan to fly at SMAC, please take note of areas restricted to parking, aircraft pits, and pilot flight line.